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11th Feb 2016

The New Triumph Street Twin

The new Triumph Street Twin - Built for fun. Built to ride. Built to make your own.

  • The new Triumph Street Twin is our most contemporary, fun and accessible new Bonneville. With its unique character, thrilling engine, distinctive sound, stripped-back styling and dynamic riding experience, the Street Twin is the perfect Bonneville for today’s rider.
  • Powered by the all-new 900cc ‘high torque’ Bonneville engine. Delivering much more torque than the previous generation, lower down and across the whole rev range, for a lively, exciting ride and sound you can really feel and hear.
  • With its new chassis and suspension, high level of capability, low seat height and incredibly accessible riding position, the Street Twin delivers refined, modern-day handling for real roads in the real world.
  • Designed with the spirit of individualism in mind, with clean lines, minimal bodywork, contemporary upswept silencers and a garage load of stylish accessories - it’s the perfect starting point for customisation.
  • The Street Twin is one of the five exciting motorcycles in the new Bonneville family - all with 100% authentic Bonneville character, and truly modern capability and performance.

Inspired by the new wave custom scene, the Street Twin takes the Bonneville bloodline firmly into the 21st century, without losing any of its iconic character.

This is Triumph’s most contemporary new Bonneville; built to slot straight into today’s rider’s lifestyle. It’s built for fun, built to ride with a smile, and built for owners to customise.

Its combination of iconic Bonneville character, stunning looks, thrilling engine, low seat height, dynamic handling and ease of personalisation makes the Street Twin THE most accessible and desirable modern classic available today – the Bonneville for every rider.

New 900cc ‘high torque’ engine

The unique character of the Street twin comes to life through the all-new 900cc ‘high torque’ 8 valve, parallel twin Bonneville engine.

As the name suggests, it delivers a massive peak torque figure of 80Nm at a low 3200 rpm, which is an amazing 18% more than the previous model, delivered where you want it - low down and across the whole rev range.

Benefitting from the pinpoint accuracy and instant throttle response of Triumph’s next generation ride-by-wire fuel-injection and engine management system, the Bonneville Street Twin is engineered with a charismatic 270° firing interval for an immaculately smooth, linear power delivery through the smooth five-speed gearbox.

The look of the new 900cc engine has also been beautifully crafted, with stylish black engine cases and a very high level of detailing. Incorporating contemporary engine components alongside signature features from the iconic Bonneville engine to enhance that authentic Bonneville silhouette.

The all-new upswept brushed stainless steel exhaust system of the Street Twin has been developed and tuned carefully to look great and deliver the unmistakable sound of a genuine British twin, with a rich, fruity note to match its lively character, tuned to a level you can feel as well as hear.

Significantly advanced fuel economy

Behind the new 900 engine’s stylish exterior sits a cutting-edge liquid cooling system, carefully integrated to minimise its visual impact whilst achieving cleaner emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency – an amazing 36% better than the previous generation Bonneville.

Dynamic Handling

The Street Twin’s fun, engaging and easy-going riding experience comes courtesy of an all-new chassis and suspension - designed to bring Triumph’s signature ride dynamic of neutrality and agility, and deliver refined and intuitive handling.

Combining a user-friendly low seat, more substantial seat foam, greater suspension travel, a more natural riding position, slim waist profile and fantastic 'stand-over' ergonomics, the Street Twin is our most accessible Bonneville ever.

Modern capability

The Street Twin sets a new standard of modern capability, with a wealth of rider -focused technology to deliver advanced control, safety and enhanced rider confidence, integrated sensitively and withoutcompromise, to maintain its authentic Bonneville style and character.Including:

ABS The Street Twin’s anti-lock braking system enhances rider confidence, safety and control.

Traction control Taking advantage of the ride-by-wire system, the switchable traction control system optimises the delivery of the Street Twin’s amazing torque.

Slip assist clutch Bringing a lighter touch and feel to the clutch to make it easier to ride, and ride longer.

Ride-by-wire Enhancing throttle responsiveness, safety and feel.

LED rear light Incorporated into the classically-inspired tail set-up, bringing a distinctive rear light pattern and power efficiency.

USB charge socket Under-seat USB socket provided so riders can charge up their essential devices.

Engine immobiliser With a transponder integrated in the new Street Twin key 

Stylish single clock Feature packed single clock, incorporating a digital menu system. Key features include:

- Gear position indicator

- Odometer

- Two trip settings

- Service indicator

- Range to empty

- Fuel level, average and current MPG

- Access to turn off traction control

- Clock. Additionally riders can add accessories which would also then be accessed via the clock display. Including: tyre pressure monitoring system and heated grips.

Switchgear New, elegant switchgear presents simple fingertip controls for easy access to the key features on the clock.

Stripped back styling

The Street Twin is an exciting contemporary take on the original Bonneville silhouette, with stripped-back styling, clean lines and minimal bodywork.

Its stylish details and finishes include:

- Cast wheels, finished in black

- Elegant fuel tank with contemporary decals and stylish chrome filler cap

- Compact indicators

- LED rear light with distinctive light pattern

- Compact headlight with a signature Triumph bulb cap cover badge

- Elegant upswept brushed stainless steel silencer

- Sculpted black side panels, with contemporary Street Twin graphics

- Minimal black painted mudguards.

Exciting and contemporary colours

The Street Twin comes in five exciting colour schemes:

- Cranberry Red, with tank and wheel stripes

- Aluminium Silver with tank and wheel stripes

- Matt Black

- Jet Black

- Phantom Black

New custom accessory range

Literally designed with personalisation in mind, the Street Twin is built to make your own. With the launch of the new Bonneville accessories range, with over 150 new stylish ‘dealer fit’ accessories for the Street Twin, it’s never been easier to create your own custom. This includes a garage full of custom inspired parts, including: bench seats, fly screens, new exhausts from Vance & Hines, rear mudguard removal kits, ‘Ace’ style handlebars and beautiful compact bulleted LED indicators.

To make it easier, we’ve also created a set of three exciting ‘inspiration’ kits to use as the starting point for riders to design their own Street Twin custom, or to have fitted as a complete set – the stripped-back Scrambler kit, an aggressive city Brat Tracker kit and casual sporting Urban kit.

The Scrambler inspiration kit

Bringing a distinctive off road style, the Scrambler kit features a host of new Street Twin accessories. Including - Brushed high-level Vance & Hines exhaust system (off-road use only)

- Rear mudguard removal kit with compact rear light

- Brown ribbed bench seat

- Brown ‘Barrel style’ handlebar grips

- Compact LED indicators

- Brushed aluminium sump guard.

The Brat Tracker inspiration kit

Bringing a more aggressive city custom style, the Brat Tracker kit features a host

of new Street Twin accessories.Including:

- Brushed Vance & Hines slip-on silencers

- Rear mudguard removal kit with compact rear light

- Black ribbed bench seat

- Compact LED indicators

- Black ‘Barrel style’ handlebar grips

- Brushed sump guard.

The Urban inspiration kit

Bringing together a casual style with an aggressive urban riding stance,

the Urban kit features a host of stylish Street Twin accessories. Including:

- ‘Ace’ style handlebars

- Brushed Vance & Hines slip-on silencers

- Compact LED indicators

- Short tinted fly-screen

- Signature single pannier, in waxed cotton and leather. 

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